The Perfect Singapore keepsake gifts from Forty Red Bangles.

It’s that time of the year in Singapore when there is wave of new expats arriving and other’s are repatriating to new shores. A time to say goodbye to friends and to leave for new adventures.  The little red dot holds a very special place in everyone’s heart who has been fortunate enough to experience living here.  It is true that life on the Island City is like living in a bubble…but what a lovely space to be in.  Life here can be so easy in many ways…the cleanliness, convenience and safety…are all things we probably take for granted until the bubble bursts!

For many of us we search for the little keepsake to take with us to remind us of our time here.  For other’s we are looking for the perfect leaving gift to give to our friend which reflects their time spent here.

Here at Forty Red Bangles we have been busy putting together the I Love Singapore collection, which celebrates and encapsulates the icons and symbols that we have all become familiar with.  There is something for everybody with our kids pure cotton night suits, women’s night wear, handmade toys and gorgeous bookmarks and keychains.  Each collection has been put together with lots of love and attention to detail to ensure that they will be treasured for a long while to come. All our clothing is pure cotton and printed using low impact eco-friendly dyes.  Our handmade toys are made by the women of Sambhali Trust, which runs a women’s empowerment centre in Jodhpur in Rajasthan, India.

All our products come beautifully packaged and can be delivered all over the globe. Shop online at or email orders to

Handmade Merlion Toys
FRB Bookmarks
Singapore Keepsake Bookmarks and Key Chains
kid pj 1
I Love Singapore pure cotton pyjama sets

I Love Singa

Handmade Merlion Toys
Dressing gown
Koi Fish Printed Dressing Gown
IMG_2356 Peranakan Inspired Dressing Gown and Night suit

DSC04246 DSC04304 DSC04316 20150421_114036 20150421_115500


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