Pyjama Party for Little Taxi-wallahs!

Last week we introduced you to our super-soft organic cotton Ts for women. This week we’d like to share something special for your little ones. Along the same lines of going organic, we have developed gorgeous and cuddly kurta-pyjama sets for kids. Made from 100% pure, certified organic cotton and GOTS approved low impact dyes, the pyjamas are the best thing for your baby’s skin.

These are the first pieces we will be previewing from the “Aamchi Mumbai” collection of the Four Red Bangles label. The prints are quirky and colorful and inspired by the life and time of Mumbai. Being a Mumbaiker, there are a few things you just get used to while living in this city. A few things, that have become institutions- a testament to the chaos of Mumbai.

The iconic TAXIS

None of these icons is more obvious than the good old taxicab. As soon as you land in Mumbai, their black and yellow exteriors are probably the first thing you see.Like the yellow cabs of New York, these dinosaurs are one of the things in Mumbai that people love to hate. Infuriatingly obtrusive and absurdly essential, the taxicab does more than transport you from one place to another. Each taxi is decorated to the peculiar tastes of the cab driver- fake flowers, multi-colored lights and holographic stickers galore- sitting in one transports you to the driver’s own little world. You will enjoy his music, learn his life story and pick up a few choice words in Mumbaiya Hindi, all the while sitting white-knuckled on the edge of your seat as you narrowly escape a head-on collision with a bus. When you exit, you feel lucky to be alive and vow that you will never sit in a taxi again. But just like the city of Mumbai, you can’t help but go back.

So here’s to you Mr. Taxi! We have immortalized one of the long-standing icons of Mumbai on our kids pyjama-kurta sets called “Taxi-wallah”,a name inspired by typically what the taxi drivers are called. Get them before they’re gone!


One of our most popular items, you can buy these here! Available in sizes 2-3 years, 4-5 years, 6-7 years and 7-8 years. The perfect gift for any kid these comfy PJs are sure to capture your child’s imagination!

Next week we take you behind the scenes into – A day in the life of Mumbai’s Taxi-wallahs! You don’t want to miss that!


One thought on “Pyjama Party for Little Taxi-wallahs!

  1. Hello, such cute designs and such an apt description of the taxi’s I am a Bombayite and have used the photograph of taxis in your post on a post I have written with due credit, hope that is ok, if not please do let me know.

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